BATAVIA/Owner of two hotels leaves the country and turns off utilities – Video News Service

The Days Inn and Super 8 Hotels suddenly closed almost two months ago, turning off all utilities, making the building unsafe for occupancy.

The owner of the two hotels, Yamuna Hospitality LLC, at 200 Oak street, advised the City of Batavia they would be leaving the country on September 12, 2022, and they would return in a few months.

Brett Frank, City of Batavia Public Works Director, says the building became unsafe after the owners turned off all utilities and the fire alarm system was no longer operational. That prompted the City of Batavia Code enforcement department to post unsafe building notices on both the Days Inn and Super 8 Hotel buildings.

Frank says that with an inoperable fire alarm, no electric service, no gas service and no water service, people should not enter the structures. In order for the buildings to re-open, both buildings would need to have utilities turned back on.

According to filed court documents from October 2021, Genesee County did not receive bed tax payments from Yamuna Hospitality LLC during the period of July 2020-August of 2021, a 3% tax is collected on the rental for occupancy of rooms in Genesee County. After Yamuna Hospitality LLC received a second notice for payment of bed tax, they made payment to Genesee County in the amount of $22,175,55 in November 2021 and the county dropped the lawsuit, according to Scott German, County Treasurer.

As of November 2, 2022, Frank says he has not heard from the owners. Yamuna Hospitality LLC has owned the two hotels since 2018.

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