BATAVIA/Redfield Parkway holiday trees delivered in time for Christmas season – Video News Service

Residents of Redfield Parkway have officially opened the holiday season with the street’s traditional Christmas tree display on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Organizers Sharon and Mike Kubiniec and their family, along with a group of neighbors, set up posts and delivered trees, even setting up a few for those neighbors who were unable.

“This is the highlight of our thanksgiving weekend,” says Sharon and Mike Kubiniec.

The tradition was started in 1951 by Harold Gouinlock, a resident on the street, who owned a Christmas tree farm in Attica and supplied the street with trees to display in their front lawns during the Christmas season. Neighbors on the street still use original bamboo poles to measure and line up the posts in each yard.

Thomas and Robert Kubiniec along with their brother Austin have been assisting with putting up the trees since about 10 years old

This year 55 balsam trees were purchased from Pudgies Lawn and Garden store.

“We were very fortunate to even receive trees as there has been a shortage, but once again Pudgies came through and was able to guarantee us 55 trees.”

Sharon Kubiniec with Steve Watson and John Chilano
Cindy Perez loading a tree on the trailer at Pudgies
Sharon Kubiniec receives the “Broken Post Award” from Nelson Baker after breaking a post last year. Some of the posts used go back a long way as well.
The Wainwrights, who are temporarily living on Redfield Parkway as their home is getting repaired after the last hurricane in Florida, purchased a few extra posts to hold up the trees.
Gordy Smith with his helper unloading the trees

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