City Fire annual report: Call volume up 11.6 percent

As 2022 has drawn to a close, the City of Batavia Fire Department has evaluated the services and programs provided throughout the year.  The annual evaluation of calls for service metrics, training and citizen outreach is part of the department’s continuous quality improvement process.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people around the world, City Fire operations have been able to roll back COVID-19 protocols and operate in a Post Pandemic “normal status.”

“I am honored to lead the City of Batavia Fire Department.  In my first few months of employment, I have been working to bring the department to full staffing, analyzing the condition of the fleet, and meeting with command staff and firefighters to listen to their ideas and concerns.” 

“The number one priority of the Department is life safety, followed closely by protecting property and the environment. The professionals that make up this department will continue to train and serve to the highest of standards”

“Below, please find the year-end summary for 2022 and thank you for your continued support of the City of Batavia Fire Department,” said Josh Graham, City of Batavia Fire Chief.

Total alarms for 2022, 2669

  • Fires, 59
  • Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheating, 15
  • Emergency Medical Services, 1,940
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents, 51
  • Pedestrian Struck, 14
  • Extrication (vehicle, machinery, building), 2
  • Elevator Rescue, 4
  • Ice/Swift Water Rescue. 2
  • Hazardous Conditions, 80
  • Service Calls, 111
  • Good Intent Calls, 126
  • Fire / Carbon Monoxide Alarm Activations, 308
  • Severe Weather, 2
  • Special Incident Type, 11
  • Mutual Given, 23
  • Mutual Received, 15

Fire Prevention

  • Fire prevention programs, 31events, 104 adult / 2124 children Points of Contact  (Includes: station tours, fire drills, and school visits)
  • Fire Extinguisher Trainings, 19 events, 691 points of contact
  • Smoke Alarm / CO alarm installs, 29
  • Smoke alarm / CO alarm battery replacements, 21
  • Juvenile Fire Setter Interventions, 2
  • Car Seat installations/inspections, 158

Fire Inspection/Code Enforcement

  • Special Events Inspections, 80
  • Commercial Building Inspection, 334
  • Multi-family Dwelling Inspections, 38

General Information

  • Busiest Month, December (234)
  • Busiest Day, Tuesday (375)              
  • Busiest Time of Day, 1000 – 1059 hrs. (160)
  • Slowest Month, January (150)
  • Slowest Day, Sunday (280)
  • Slowest Time of Day, 0400 – 0459 hrs. (38)

City Response Time (Time of Dispatch to on-scene arrival)

  • 10 minutes or less, 99 percent
  • 8 minutes or less, 97 percent
  • 6 minutes or less, 90 percent
  • Two or more calls for service simultaneously, 519

Overall, the total call volume for the year was up by approximately 11.6 percent. 

“I accepted this position after being impressed with my research on the department as well as the City, and neither has let me down. The individuals that make up the City of Batavia Fire Department continue to be some of the most professional and competent people I’ve had the pleasure of serving with. In addition to this group, I’d like to say thank you to the other City of Batavia departments, leadership, Genesee County partners, dispatchers, City of Batavia business owners, residents and local media outlets for all of their support and dedication,” said Fire Chief Josh Graham.

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