Unboxing My ChiliPad: Initial Reaction & First Week

Unboxing My ChiliPad: Initial Reaction & First Week
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Hi guys!

My first YT video (which will be obvious lol) is me unboxing my ChiliPad cooling system from ChiliTechnology. I also show you how to set it up and my initial reactions to the product.

If you don’t know me, I’m a professional runner. Optimizing my recovery is crucial to my career and performance. Sleep is an essential function and the best tool for recovery. Your athletic performance will suffer if your sleep habits are poor.

I have tried and learned many ways to improve my sleep pattern and ensure my body and mind are well rested. On my blog, I discuss why this is so important for me as an athlete and how it has affected my personal health.

You can also find FIVE more simple ways to improve your sleeping habits. This blog post is linked to the video: p

The installation of the ChiliPad was easy and is described in an easy-to-read manual. The remote controls the unit easily. Although it was an initial learning experience, you will soon be able to recognize the best way to treat your body. Personalization is a great way to personalize your sleep.

Keep checking back for more updates about how the mattress affects my feelings. I’ll be posting more often on my Insta: instagram.com/maddddddddd

Happy sleeping!

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